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In continued support of the current health advisories, the Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio is proud to continue offering online classes.

“We are pleased to continue conducting piano lessons, music theory & mock exams with students in this new & exciting way that embraces both a healthy & vibrant social learning environment.”

Are you looking for a progressive, experienced and well known local piano instructor for piano lessons in Richmond BC?

If so, then you’re in the right place because the Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio is a local Richmond, BC piano studio that specializes in teaching piano lessons, theory lessons and mock exams for all piano grades/levels and from ages 4 to 104!!

The ‘silver lining’ in spending more time at home is that there’s more time to practice the piano!

Well known and highly respected local piano and theory teacher, Ms. Ildiko Skeldon, is also a member of the BC Registered Music Teacher Association (BCRMTA).

Ms. Skeldon has been giving piano lessons for over 35 years and is also a Senior Royal Conservatory of Music Examiner, a position she has held for 30+ years.

She also proudly holds the RCM Certified Specialist Teacher distinction at all the levels … Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Ms. Skeldon studied at both the University of British Columbia, Canada and the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary.

This combination of traditional North American piano teaching methods and European piano teaching methods has been a important foundation on which to shape the success of her piano students – resulting in numerous awards and trophys for exceptionally high piano marks.

Listen as Ms. Ildiko Skeldon local piano teacher in Richmond BC, describes her music philosophy and piano teaching style in this short video.

Welcome to the Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio in Richmond, BC Canada


Ildiko Skeldon, B.Mus., A.R.C.T., R.M.T., C.M.F.A.A., C.F.M.T.A

Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
Senior Examiner, The Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto)
Member of Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators’ Association
Member of Canadian Federation Music Teachers’ Association
Member of The Piano Teachers Federation


Comments from founder and owner of the Ildiko Skeldon Piano Studio Richmond, BC

“I believe that musical education is a vitally important part of a person’s development as studies have shown that it fosters both an individual’s inherent creativity as well as teaching and developing discipline, focus and concentration.

My role is to nurture, inspire and foster a student’s musical growth and instil a lifelong love of music. I believe that every person is born with some level of musical ability. My job is to encourage and inspire this natural ability and I strive to bring out the inherent musician in each and every student.

I am dedicated to providing piano and theory lessons that are tailored to each student’s needs. This is done in a friendly and nurturing environment designed to stimulate your desire to learn and help you enjoy the process of making music at the piano.

Whether four or seventy-four… Or returning after many years away from the piano… I would be pleased to help you with the piano!”